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Steven Souza Jr. tried an unorthodox strategy to reach base on a strikeout

Strikeouts are never exactly elegant for the hitter. However, Steven Souza Jr. took the subsequent awkwardness to the next level during the Rays' 6-3 win over the Astros on Saturday.
Souza entered his at-bat in the seventh inning in the middle of a 2-for-4 day, fresh off a single and a double in his previous two plate appearances. Reliever James Hoyt got the better of Souza on this occasion though, causing him to wave over a pitch in the dirt. The ball got away from catcher Evan Gattis though, so Souza made a, shall we say, "mixed" attempt to make it first base.

Souza's teammates were flabbergasted by Souza's leaping efforts.

It wasn't the craziest idea in the world! Weirder moments have happened on balls in the dirt that were apparent strikeouts -- just ask Tommy Henrich and A.J. Pierzynski . The mid-play jump was still unexpected, to say the least.
So what did the outfielder have to say for himself?

Hey, we thought it was fun, Steven. So mission accomplished!