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Peter Moylan had no idea where the ball was on a comebacker -- but it was resting inches from his foot

Moments of total helplessness are unsettling. We don't like them. Why should we? They're awkward and, sometimes, disorienting. 
Braves reliever Peter Moylan found himself unsettled in a big way in Wednesday's game against the Phillies, though this story ended well for him. Facing Jake Arrieta, Moylan knocked down a comebacker that was headed up the middle -- but totally lost the baseball and had no idea where it was.
It was, of course, mere inches from his foot, having come to a stop on the very mound Moylan stood on. 

Credit to catcher Kurt Suzuki for doing his best to tell Moylan where it was -- shouting and screaming from behind the plate -- as eventually, Moylan figured it out, picked up and threw it to first to retire Arrieta and save himself from this being a full-on blooper.