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The Phanatic danced and rocked out with some nuns to get kids pumped about reading

The Phanatic visited an elementary school in Philadelphia on Wednesday with a single goal: Get the students super pumped up about reading. Out-of-their-minds crazy about reading. Bonkers about books. The assembly was called "Be a Phanatic about reading," after all.

And with some help from Phillies broadcaster Scott Franzke and Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola, he succeeded as only the Phanatic could -- by partying with everyone in attendance, including the nuns. 


It was a rockin' time.


He even taught Nola how to dance like the Phanatic:


If that doesn't want to make you read an entire library's worth of books, nothing will. And as you can see from the above video, the kids were, accordingly, amped up.

Now, BRB -- time to crack open a tome.