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Daniel Stern has returned to his 'Rookie of the Year' character to cheer on the Cubs

In our reality, the Chicago Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908. But in the "Rookie of the Year," universe -- the one where the young Henry Rowengartner helped lead the Cubs to a magical season -- they last won in 1993. With the team now waiting to see who they'll play following the conclusion of the Dodgers-Nationals series in the NLCS, it only makes sense that their lovable coach, Phil Brickma, would return to help. 

Played by Daniel Stern, Brickma was the lovable coach with a penchant for catchphrases and an ability to get trapped in the clubhouse:


Sensing that the team could use his expertise in the postseason, he's returned. Well, kind of. While waiting on a call from Joe Maddon giving him instructions for joining the club, that news came in a little differently than he was hoping: 

Undeterred, Brickma still offered up his services, telling everyone what it takes to win. Basically: the ice in the veins mixed with the fire in the belly, or "Frozen fire." 

Of course, this being the Brickma we know and love, disaster soon followed. During the Cubs' Game 3 loss to the Giants, his power went out. Oddly enough, it was after he heard "the goats." 

What new tips can Brickma offer both fans and the Cubs players? And is it possible, ever so remotely possible, that Javier Baez's amazing snap tags were taught to him by the coach? We'll have to wait and see what he says next.