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The Phillie Phanatic is in the best shape of his life, beats Jose Bautista in fitness contest

We haven't come across a "The Phillie Phanatic is in the best shape of his life" #HotTake from Phillies Spring Training this season, but -- and hear us out -- the Phillie Phanatic might be in the best shape of his life.
Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista was just going through his pregame warm-up routine before a Grapefruit League game against the Phillies at Bright House Field, when a full-on fitness competition broke out. The Phanatic wandered over to butt his big belly into Bautista's preparation, and ended up getting schooled in a handstand contest:

Not one to be out done, the Phanatic quickly regained his composure, channeled his inner Rocky and cranked out a bunch of one-arm push-ups, much to the chagrin of a defeated Joey Bats:

As if he hadn't already earned the last laugh, the Phanatic proved he was a gracious winner ... by waiting to have a wardrobe malfunction until after Bautista turned his back:

Show us someone who says the Phanatic isn't in the best shape of his life, and we'll show you someone whose pants are probably on fire.