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The Phillies celebrated Players Weekend with Little League intros on the broadcast

Plenty of players around the game are into the Players Weekend spirit, but the Phillies have taken it to the next level. With a tip of the cap to the events going on nearby in Williamsport, Pa., some members of the team introduced themselves like Little League World Series players, listing their names, nicknames and their favorite players growing up.
Nick Williams, for example, said that he was "Nicky Dubs," and that his boyhood idol was Ken Griffey Jr.

The Phillies all explained their nicknames to's Todd Zolecki, but sharing their favorite players added a fun new element. Here's the rundown for the Phillies who appeared in the video:
Wonder how Beltre would react to the realization that he's been in the league long enough for another active player to call him his "favorite growing up." Well, we can imagine.