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Phillies fans didn't let a broken PA system get in the way of a great national anthem performance

The United States' national anthem is a notoriously difficult song to sing, even under the best of circumstances. Many trained choirs and vocalists simply don't sing it because of its difficulty. One can imagine, then, that when the circumstances aren't optimal, singing the national anthem can be an even more daunting endeavor.

Prior to Friday's Grapefruit League game between the Phillies and Pirates, anthem singer Janice Knapp encountered something of a nightmare: The Spectrum Field PA system stopped working during her performance.

Luckily, Phillies fans were there and ready to help her out. Instead of singing an anthem to an open-air stadium without the assistance a microphone, Knapp found herself joined by a large and enthusiastic chorus of Phillies fans. Even far away from the actual borders of the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia fans showed how the city continues to earn the name.

You can watch the teamwork of the Spectrum Field crowd in the video above.