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Terry Francona was unfazed by multiple cellphone interruptions during his news conference

Managing in Major League Baseball goes way beyond simply calling the right plays on the field at the right time. There's so much work behind the scenes that it would be overwhelming for most people.
Holding court at news conferences on an everyday basis is one of those tasks, and on Saturday, Indians skipper Terry Francona had to deal with two unusual disturbances. While responding to a question, Francona was suddenly interrupted by a mysterious voice saying "I've got nothing" from one of the phones recording the session. Francona was quick to respond with a quip -- "I know that."
Shortly afterward, Francona answered another question, only for a phone alarm to go off in front of him. He quickly silenced it himself:

"You're having a tough one, Bart," he cracked to Indians director of baseball information Bart Swain.
The day would have only been funnier if Francona had pulled a Derek Jeter and actually answered a call from the podium. Maybe next time, Tito.