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Today in MLB player fashion choices: Craig Kimbrel's wedding ring is camouflage

Craig Kimbrel spoke at a news conference on Friday morning after his workout. While he discussed many things, including adjusting to the atmosphere in Boston, there was a more pressing matter at hand:

As revealed by WEEI's Rob Bradford, Kimbrel's wedding ring is camouflage. The symbol of the everlasting bond between Kimbrel and his wife, Ashley, is rendered in brown, black and forest green. Is he making a bold fashion statement? Is he attempting to make over his wardrobe piece by piece, beginning with the smallest accessories, into one that is camo-exclusive? Has he seen the Red Sox's camouflage jerseys and thought, "It's a good start, but I would like more camo adorning my body?" Has he seen Josh Fields' camo suit?
OK, so the ring is likely not Kimbrel's only wedding ring. It's almost certainly a rubber or silicone-based ring that's suitable for playing baseball and agrees with his affinity for camo. But, you never know, he also might show up to Fenway decked out in a camouflage jumpsuit.