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Photo of the Day: Miguel Gonzalez video chats with Captain America

On Sunday, the White Sox found themselves playing the Royals at Kauffman Stadium on Marvel Super Hero Day which the Royals won, 5-4. What White Sox starting pitcher Miguel González showed is that Super Hero Day wasn't just for the fans; they are heroes to the players as well.
In the above photo, Gonzalez joined Captain America for a live video chat with his daughter back at home. Though the purpose of the call was nominally for the benefit of his daughter, let the record reflect that Gonzalez had a blast with Captain America.

As an established Major League pitcher, Gonzalez occupies something of a real-world hero role to many, but it is clear from these photos that even this hero has a hero of his own. There's a reason super heroes are "super." They aren't just heroes for kids; they're heroes for everyone.