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Gaze upon Yasiel Puig's beautiful Vin Scully cleats

Photo via Jake Nesbitt / Real-Time Correspondent

There are many ways to honor the legendary Vin Scully in his 67th and final season. You can give him a standing ovation, you can hit him a foul ball or, as Yasiel Puig did during Sunday's Dodgers-D-backs game, you can put his face on your shoes: 

They even made a hit-by-pitch and walk to first base look extravagant.


Let's take this idea and run with it -- where else can we put Vin Scully's face? Maybe the $100 bill, the top of the needle on the Empire State Building, the side of the moon? The Dodgers outfielder gave his reasoning for wearing the special design postgame:

Fantastic. Let's hope Vin has a pair of loafers with Puig's face on them, too.