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Embrace the beautifully chaotic with 10 of the best photos of bloopers and whoopsies

Bloopers are fun. They're humanizing. They're a way of remembering that yes, these may be Adonis-like athletes with millions of dollars, sculpted physiques and the grace of superpowered swans, but sometimes even they make mistakes. 
It's even better when a photographer manages to snap a photograph of the mistake in action. Because rather than just being a comedy of errors, it becomes something more sublime. It's art -- the ball hovering in air, defying gravity, the look of momentary fear and confusion on the player's face. 
Today, we look at ten of the best photos that you find when searching "bobble" or "mishandle" or "blooper." 

Wilmer Flores didn't actually lose the ball. He's just wearing one of those prank hats where the ball is already stuck there. What a great prank, Wilmer! What a great prank. We're aaaaaall laughing. 

Famed photographer Ansel Adams probably would have titled this one "Oooh, right in the beans." 
Of course, he would have also called this play, "Sliding upon turf with natural beauty." 

One man stands triumphant, joyful for his athletic feat. The other has his back turned. He focuses not on the macro, but on the micro. Like the joy he gets from simply catching and tossing the ball. 

This is almost the identical face my dog would make when you put a treat on his nose. I have to imagine Starlin Castro very much felt the same way. 

This image is the surest sign that there is a glitch in the Matrix. 
Of course, this catch on a liner back to the mound is also pretty much proof that we're in the Matrix. The point is: This is all a computer simulation. 

Fun fact: Dallas Keuchel was originally hired to play Natalie Portman's character in "Black Swan." 

Three men converged on a baseball and they, they took the road less traveled. At least, when Brian Dozier wasn't making a pit stop to make a sweet play to corral a bad throw.  

Replace the grass with a pool, and this become a very different photo. It becomes an exciting belly flop. 

The search goes on. The search for beauty. The search for truth. The search for meaning. The search for the baseball. It's all one in the same. 
And finally, my favorite: 

It's all perfect. The look on Chris Davis' face, as he stares dejectedly at the ground like he's Charlie Brown. The ball, harmlessly bouncing around, as if it had its own life. And then, not even the focus of the picture, lightning fast Billy Hamilton running into the first base umpire. It's beautiful. It's what a blooper should look like.