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A college summer league held a Home Run Derby on Lake Michigan

Kenosha Kingfish via Instagram

We've shown you home runs into fish tanks. We've shown you home runs onto boats. We've shown you home runs off aircraft carriers. Now it's time to watch the Northwoods League hit a bunch of dingers into Lake Michigan.

The NWL, a college summer league based in the Midwest, held its annual Home Run Derby on Monday in Kenosha, Wis. Instead of having it in a stadium, it had it in a harbor on Lake Michigan:

Batters view tonight. Not bad. #nwl #allstargame #derbytime

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Sailboats carried foul poles and a line of buoys outlined the dimensions of nearby Simmons Field:

Just think of it as AT&T Park, if the entire stadium was just in McCovey Cove. Of course, you'll want to know -- was it awesome? Yes. Yes, it was.

Kenosha Kingfish outfielder Marty Bechina won the Derby with six home runs. Sure, that may be 55 fewer than Giancarlo Stanton hit to win the MLB Home Run Derby, but it's still six more than Stanton's ever hit into one of the Great Lakes.

… Well, for now. The Marlins play the Cubs at Wrigley in the first week of August and who knows what will happen.