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Pictures have surfaced from Josh Donaldson's 'Vikings' cameo and they are pretty amazing

We mentioned last week that reigning AL MVP Josh Donaldson would be appearing on this season of History Channel's "Vikings." The actual episode won't air for at least another month, but on Monday, we were gifted with some photos from the shoot. And honestly, Josh Donaldson might actually be a Viking.

Can you even pick him out of this group shot?

If these two switched places after filming, would anybody know the difference?

Seaon 4 of "Vikings" begins on Feb. 18 and Blue Jays position players are due to report just seven days later. If you're a Toronto fan, and you're headed down to Dunedin, Fla., it would serve you well to fashion yourself a Blue Jays-themed horned helmet.
h/t SB Nation