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Munenori Kawasaki dressed up as Batman, should have been cast instead of Ben Affleck

EXT. A Dark and Terrifying Alleyway
A hooded figure brandishes a gleaming weapon, the filthy streetlight reflecting off its shining blade. He holds it up, about to strike at an innocent father, who is just trying to get home and give his young children their Christmas presents. A scream tears through the night. 
But it's not the frightened parent. It's the hoodlum, and he's just been stopped by (who else) Munenori Kawasaki. Instead of yelling, "SWEAR TO ME!" he instead tells his patented buffalo joke, which goes as such: 
"What did the buffalo say to his kids before they went to college?
That's right. In a far better casting choice than Ben Affleck as Batman, Munenori Kawasaki was photographed dressed up as Batman at a "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" media event: 

Don't worry, though. Superman was there too, thanks to Urawa Red Diamonds (soccer, if you're curious) defender Tomoaki Makino.

Hopefully the event wasn't delayed for two hours while Muni and Makino fought each other before eventually deciding to make up and work together. After all, that would spoil the plot of "Batman V. Superman." 
(h/t @YakyuNightOwl)