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Enjoy a slice of Pie Traynor history for Pi Day

Harold "Pie" Traynor was a Hall of Fame third baseman. At one point, he was called the best to ever play the position. He was so good, he served as a player/manager for the Pirates and a radio broadcaster for two decades. But we remember him today, above all, for being the most correct about dessert.

According to legend, Traynor earned his nickname as a child. After neighborhood baseball games, when all the other kids would head to the local store and ask for ice cream, Traynor requested pie -- the objectively correct choice, as pie is the objectively best dessert. He was given the possibly derogatory "Pie Face" moniker, which was eventually shortened to "Pie." Thus Traynor was, for his entire life, defined by his dessert of choice.

Traynor played 17 seasons with the Pirates from 1920 to 1937, manning third base on the '25 team that won the World Series, and finished with a .320 career batting average. We can only assume it was Traynor's pie-heavy diet that led him to his Major League success as a player …


as a manager …


and behind the mic.


Who among us doesn't feel like flying after a delicious slice of pie?