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If cars ran on smiles, these two Pirates beaming with pride could power an SUV

Here's an idea for the science/technology community: Develop automobiles that are powered by smiles. It's Earth Day, after all, so suspend your disbelief for a second and just think about it.

Cars running on smiles and smiles alone would be fantastic for the environment, obviously, but it'd also be great for each of us. Who doesn't feel warm and fuzzy when somebody flashes an ear-to-ear smile as wide as can be?

With that in mind, here's the Pirates' Gregory Polanco grinning enthusiastically after picking up his first base hit of the season in Monday night's game against the D-backs at PNC Park:

And here's Cole Tucker, fresh off his rather dramatic first weekend in Pittsburgh, crashing into second base on a double and also letting out some good feelings:

You feel that? It's the power of smiles.

And shout-out to Tucker's hair for its journey to the Majors, too.

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