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Performing Tuesday's national anthem at PNC Park was none other than Pirates pitcher Steven Brault

Pirates lefty Steven Brault is a Major League pitcher, but he's not only a Major League pitcher: He's got cool tattoos. He hosts a very wacky podcast with teammate Trevor Williams. And he boasts a pretty unique hidden talent: He can really, really sing.
Brault's been doing it for a while -- he participated in theater and choir programs as a kid, and before he was a big leaguer, he majored in vocal performance at Regis University in Colorado. Which brings us to Tuesday night's game against the Brewers: Not only was Brault in uniform, but he also sang the national anthem:

The team even made posters for the event!

Brault's pulled this off before, performing the Star-Spangled Banner before games on his way through the Minor Leagues. And in case you're still skeptical, yes, he's more than qualified:

"It's something specifically my grandma always wanted me to do," Brault told's Adam Berry. "She wanted me to sing the national anthem before a Major League game that I got to play in, so that's part of it."

Somewhat amazingly, though, Brault isn't the first to pull off the feat in a Major League game. He's not even the first Pirate: Back in 1973, Pittsburgh pitcher Nellie Briles sang the national anthem prior to Game 4 of the World Series between the A's and Mets.