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Pirates third-base coach Joey Cora made sure the Reds weren't going to pull a hidden ball trick

Baseball games can swing wildly on the smallest change -- even in games that seem otherwise all wrapped up. After Starling Marte tripled to give the Pirates an 8-2 lead over the Reds en route to Pittsburgh's 14-3 victory, third-base coach Joey Cora took his role as base coach/protector extremely seriously.
After Marte raced in, Cora made sure there was no chance of a hidden ball trick. With unmatched vigor, Cora pointed at the ball with the kind of intensity usually reserved for shocking court accusations: 

Lo and behold, there was no hidden ball trick tried, so, as far as we know, this method was 100 percent effective. Also, be sure to notice Marte's very Grandma-like careful back-and-forth sway-dance. 
(h/t r/baseball)