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A middle schooler used the 'Running Man' challenge to invent a whole new kind of bat flip

Even Jose Bautistawould agree that there are escalating levels of bat flips. There are your regular, "I just hit that ball a long, long way" bat flips. There are bat flips that transcend mere celebration and become a kind of performance art. And there are bat flips so good, they're immortalized in a baseball card.  
But this middle school batter just created an entirely new level that's all his own: The Bat Flip + "Running Man" experience.

If you're unfamiliar with The Running Man Challenge, it involves, as you might guess, doing the "running man" dance to Ghost Town DJ's 1996 song "My Boo." We're not entirely sure how you win something like that, but dancing your way to first base after a Bautistian bat flip seems like it ought to do it.
h/t FTW