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These reserves are ready to become household names at the 2018 All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game presented by Mastercard offers a chance to see the best in the game go head-to-head. But it's also a chance for players to make a name for themselves: What better time to show out than on a field full of greats, with the whole baseball world watching? You may not know much about them yet, but here are five All-Stars who everyone could be talking about come Wednesday morning.
Blake Treinen, A's
We don't mean to alarm you, but after winning 21 of their last 27 games, the A's are now just three games back of Seattle for the second AL Wild Card spot. A big reason why: Treinen, Oakland's closer, who's posted a seemingly impossible 0.94 ERA while striking out 61 batters in 48 innings. Try not to get excited about the prospect of Bryce Harper facing off against this: 

If anybody's going to pull a 1999 Pedro Martinez, it's him. (Well, maybe Josh Hader .)
Jesús Aguilar, Brewers
Come to find out whether Aguilar -- the NL leader in homers and slugging percentage and a man so large that two of his teammates fit inside a pair of his pants -- can hit a Luis Severino fastball into low orbit. Stay so that you can say you were there when adult braces became cool again:

Jean Segura, Mariners
You already know and love Javy Baez, but over in the AL, there's another middle infielder who takes some massive hacks and possesses more swag than should be allowable under federal law. Maybe we can pause and just hold a tag-off during the seventh-inning stretch:

Aaron Nola, Phillies
Pop quiz: After deGrom, which pitcher has the second-lowest ERA in the NL? If you guessed Max Scherzer, you've fallen right into our trap. It's actually Nola, who's taken the leap this year from "solid" to "full-blown ace" and now gets to use his first All-Star appearance as a coming-out party. He may not have the eye-popping velocity, but he does have several different pitches that appear to defy physics: 

Ozzie Albies, Braves
Atlanta's second baseman is listed at 5-foot-8, and even that might be generous. Compare him to Dansby Swanson, who is himself not a particularly tall man:

So, naturally, Albies has 20 dingers and is currently fourth in the league in extra-base hits, sandwiched between Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez. He's fun, he's fast, he loves to give out hugs and he's more than willing to take on aces twice his size: