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After their World Series win, are the 2018 Red Sox officially the best team of all time?

A couple of weeks ago, as Boston got set to take on the Astros in the ALCS, we posed a simple question: Were the 2018 Red Sox already the best team in franchise history?

But now that we know that those same Red Sox rolled through both Houston and the Dodgers to win the World Series -- after a 108-win season, no less -- that debate seems quaint. It's no longer about whether this Boston team is the best in franchise history. It's about whether they're the best team in baseball history, period. (If that seems hyperbolic, remember that Boston posted the ninth-winningest regular season ever, and of the eight teams ahead of them, only four wound up winning the whole thing -- and only one, the 1998 Yankees, did it in the divisional era.)

So, help us decide the answer: Did we just watch the best team ever? And don't forget to show your work by tweeting us @Cut4.