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Vote: What were the top plays from Week 9 of the MLB season?

How did you spend the past week? Did you spend all week trying to add up the runs in the Mariners' historic comeback? Did you, like Jason Kipnis, make it your mission to troll MLB's mascots? Were you trying (and failing) to get David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski's new summer single unstuck from your brain? Was all your time committed to writing a script for Jose Fernandez and Barry Bonds' buddy cop movie
Or did you spend it all simply watching as much MLB action as you possibly could? We hope it's that last one, because below are some of the best plays from Week 9 in baseball, and we need you to decide which ones were the very best. Vote below to make your picks:
Best offensive play
Two home runs that were part of some impressive patterns, a joyous double and a straight steal of home.

Best defensive play
One great catch and three throws that had a little extra going on.

Best pitching performance
Three certfied aces and a knuckleballer making his case.

Best dugout antics
Things get weird in the dugout.