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Two games were delayed Monday because the lights went out

On Monday night, lights went out at two MLB stadiums, sending games into delays. In the video atop this post, you can see a power outage at Dodger Stadium that sent the Brewers-Dodgers game into a 15-minute delay.

Meanwhile, at Chase Field, a haboob -- a type of dust storm -- caused some lights to go out, forcing the Rangers and D-backs to stop play:

Fans were quick to offer a helping hand, using their phones in an effort to illuminate the field of play. Unfortunately, crowdsourcing stadium lighting didn't quite work out: 

Without a game to play, the players had to find a way to stay busy. The Rangers bullpen appeared to play some modified version of bowling ...

While the D-backs took the opportunity to interact with the home crowd:

The lights eventually came back on in both L.A. and Arizona and games resumed play. But, it's good to see that fans and players alike made good use of the unanticipated intermissions.