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27 days until Spring Training: Add some zen to your life with this printable Tigers coloring book

Spring Training is less than a month away! Let us keep you company until the first pitcher-and-catcher workouts on Feb. 18 with a team-by-team countdown of reasons to get excited for the 2016 MLB season. Today: The Detroit Tigers.

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You know the saying: A tiger can't change its stripes. But, it turns out that you can, as long as you have a box of crayons. 

Adult coloring is having something of a moment - six of Amazon's 20 best-selling books right now are coloring books, and scientists have found that creative pursuits like coloring can promote "feelings of flow and spontaneity."

Let's be honest with ourselves -- no matter how old we are, coloring books are always a good time. Click on the images below to enlarge them, print them (Ctrl+P) and then add your own flair. And don't forget to tweet your best efforts to @Cut4!