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Proposal goals? A couple got engaged while flying over SunTrust Park in a private plane

Proposals in baseball stadiums are pretty cool (unless they go terribly wrong). But what's a better place than a baseball stadium? How can you top your friend who got engaged in a baseball stadium? Well, you can be like Nikki Hobus, and get engaged while flying in a private plane over a baseball stadium -- with your picture and message, of course, still on the Jumbotron:

We reached out to Nikki to see how the whole moment went down:
My fiancé [Jeff Donahoo] reached out to the [Braves] Digital Media Team, and they set it up for us. One of their team members was on the ground on the field taking pictures of the scoreboard while we were in the plane getting engaged.
Most importantly, was Bartolo Colon involved?
Laughs Bartolo was not involved, but I'm sure he'd have been willing if he'd known.
Wishful thinking on our part, although Colon was off pitching for the Braves against the Marlins on Tuesday. Too bad, for he probably would've come bearing gifts: