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Yasiel Puig snapped his bat over his knee like a toothpick after striking out

Showdowns with reigning National League Cy Young Award winner Jacob deGrom are rarely a walk in the park. He can do many nasty things from the mound that render hitters helpless, and it has to be frustrating when you come up swinging at air.

Just ask Yasiel Puig. On Wednesday night against deGrom, he went down on strikes in his first at-bat after whiffing at a 92.8 mph slider down and away. Round two didn't go any better, as deGrom dropped in another vicious breaking pitch to get a strikeout.

This time, it was even more irritating for Puig because there were two runners on base in a scoreless game. Instead of breaking the game open, he had been fooled once again. His bat ended up bearing the brunt of his fury:

Just like he did in the 2018 National League Championship Series, Puig completely obliterated his bat over his knee. It takes some serious strength -- and some serious frustration -- to do that.

For deGrom? It was just another one biting the dust.