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Yasiel Puig dressed like a mermaid is the video you didn't know you needed

It's possible that no human being lives in a state of unabashed joy as completely as Yasiel Puig. He has fun on the field and he has fun off the field. What's more impressive is that none of it feels forced -- it's just how Puig lives his life.

The latest chapter in the long series of evidence that Puig is having way more fun than the rest of us comes from the outfielder's bedroom. Get your mind out of the gutter. This is entirely wholesome stuff. It seems that Puig has discovered the majesty of a mermaid blanket.

Thanks to Yasiel Puig, we've all smiled at least once -- or twenty times if you've looped this video a totally reasonable amount. Next up, we hope Puig brings his mermaid blanket to the dugout for a chilly night game.