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The Oscar for Best Actor goes to Yasiel Puig convincing the ump he caught this ball

There may not be a player who has more fun playing baseball than Yasiel Puig. The Reds' right fielder wears his heart on his sleeve and isn't afraid to live in the moment and get swept up in the emotions of the game, whether he's celebrating a big hit or coming to the defense of his teammates.

Puig was just being his normal self during the first inning of Thursday afternoon's game against the Marlins. He pursued a fly ball into foul territory, and after a couple odd bounces, he came down with the ball. You can understand his disappointment -- and disbelief -- when the umpire said it didn't count.

Obviously, the umpire was correct in this case -- the ball clearly bounces off the wall before hitting Puig in the face -- but we can also sympathize with Puig's reaction. He went through all that effort to run, jump, crash into a wall and fall to the ground to come up with the ball -- he even got hit in the face! -- and then the umpire told him it was all for naught.

Good on Puig for letting his disappointment be known.