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The young fan who came down with Rafael Devers' Game 5 home run ball did not know what to do with it

If you catch a home run, or at least end up with a home run ball at a game, good for you! That's a prize tens of thousands of fans want each night, and only a select few manage to get. 
Coming down with a home run ball struck by a visiting player, in a game that could potentially spell the end of your team's season, though? That's an entirely different issue. That one's tough. That ball has baggage -- both for you, and for what it represents.
When Rafael Devers cracked a big three-run homer off Justin Verlander in the sixth inning of Thursday's ALCS Game 5 between the Red Sox and Astros in Houston, one young man in the corner of the Crawford Boxes was put in this unique situation. And, given the visible discomfort and uncertainty he clearly felt over whether to throw the ball back or keep it, it was quite an internal struggle. 

You can practically see the angel and devil, perched on the young man's shoulders, arguing with each other about what he should do in that situation.
What would you do, though?