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The best play of the Raiders' season may have just happened in a baseball game

A new NFL season begins this week, and with it comes hope for plenty of teams. "But probably not the Raiders," I grumbled to myself while typing this sentence, sighing deeply.

I say this as a #hella proud product of the Bay Area, and, admittedly, someone who enjoys when the Oakland Raiders do well. I always have. The run to the 2003 Super Bowl was great. Tom Brady's "tuck rule" nonsense was not. But man ... they're about to head to Las Vegas and leave Oakland behind, again, Antonio Brown nearly quit the team over a helmet, and ... well, they've made one playoff appearance since 2003. It's been rough lately. I want my dad to be happy again.

Don't get me wrong -- I'd love to see them get back to glory this season, though. I do still have hope. That said, I think the greatest play of their season just happened on Tuesday night -- before the season starts -- in a baseball game. The Rockies-Dodgers game from Dodger Stadium, to be exact.

Take another look. That's a touchdown.

This is just an all-out effort, and landing on the plastic seats like that couldn't have felt great.

This section of Dodger Stadium -- the right-field side of the "batter's eye" in dead center field -- has been a busy one these past two nights, as Labor Day brought with it an epic saga of failure in the form of a man known as "Louie World," who did this when basically given the same opportunity:

A true tale of yin and yang, here.

But back to the Raiders fan's inspired effort. This is a challenge, as far as I'm concerned, to the entire Raiders organization. Let's see plays this exciting in the upcoming season, OK? If not, this might be the highlight of the year.

Prove me wrong, Chucky. Seriously, please, prove me wrong. I want to be entertained this season.