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This photo from the Raiders' home opener shows how impressive it is throwing a baseball across the diamond

While watching a baseball game from the stands (or on your television), it's pretty easy to take things for granted. Outfielders racing around the field making spectacular plays, sluggers crushing homers deep into the night ... things can just generally seem much simpler than they really are.
Thanks to math, we know that on the baseball diamond, bases are 90 feet apart. That means, then, that throwing a baseball from home plate to second or from third to first is a distance of 127 feet, 3 3/8 inches. 
On Monday night, the Raiders began their 2018 season with a home game against the Rams at the Oakland Coliseum, which of course meant the A's infield dirt was still visible under the football lines. And thanks to a pregame photo taken by ESPN's Lindsey Thiry, it's quite easy to see just how far 127 feet, 3 3/8 inches is ... more than 40 yards!

So, consider that the next time you see Matt Chapman make a ridiculous throw from deep in the hot corner, like this: 

Or this:

He's basically throwing a 40-yard heave downfield, and making it look like no big deal.