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The Rangers and Astros held a milking contest in honor of June Dairy Month

Before kicking off their game on Saturday night, the Rangers and Astros celebrated June Dairy Month, as 400 dairy farmer families from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas descended on Globe Life Park to witness baseball people doing atypical baseball people things.
Rangers pitcher Alex Claudio and Astros first-base coach Alex Cintron squared off in a milking competition on the field to see how much milk they could get from the cows in 90 seconds. That made for quite the image:

It had to be an amusing thought for the families in attendance that no matter how skilled Claudio and Cintron might be in regards to baseball that they are still not quite up to snuff compared to the farmers' milking expertise.
Claudio won the contest, so the Rangers get both bragging rights and the competition trophy this year. Let's just hope that they don't milk their victory too much.