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The Rangers have become the kings of the reaction GIF

(Clair, Michael)

Baseball is constantly changing game. Players once could get on base with a fair-foul bunt. Players used to focus on making contact. High-scoring and low-scoring eras come and go as interchangeably as the seasons. 
The Rangers may have officially marked 2017 as the start of the Reaction GIF era. Joey Gallo started it off during the Rangers' 9-4 loss to the Red Sox on Wedneday night. After lulling the viewer into thinking the slugger was singularly focused on chewing (a smart decision -- don't choke, kids), Gallo spiked the camera with a meaningful stare: 

The team was back at it on Thursday night. Note the coordination and timing that makes this the perfect GIF for an endless variety of reactions: 

What's next? Will the team hold up signs to create instant image macros? Wll the back of baseball cards feature Memes per 9 innings? Thanks to the Rangers, we now live in that glorious future.