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A Rangers fan showed great reactions to catch a ball after it hit the wall

The true tests in life come in how we respond when things don't go quite how we expected them to. Can we adjust to an unexpected set of circumstances or do we just throw our hands up in surrender to fate?
During the ninth inning of Saturday's 11-7 loss to the Angels, this Rangers fan showed an impressivie ability to make an adjustment on the fly. After a foul ball from Nomar Mazara bounced off the wall on the first-base line, she showed the reactions necessary to adjust to the ball's change of course:

To make this catch, this fan needed quick reactions, a long reach and good glove-work. Fortunately, she had all three and was able to show off the sort of skills that earned her a round of applause and a bow.
This catch came two innings after another great catch in the stands. Clearly, the fans along the first-base line came to the park ready to play.