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This Rangers triple play was so weird that nobody even knew if it really happened

Generally, triple plays are pretty weird. Three outs in a split few seconds, instead of spread out evenly through an inning. 
But during Thursday's Angels-Rangers game, the Rangers turned an exceptionally weird triple play of the 5-4, 1912 variety that left players, umpires, managers and broadcasters unsure if it really happened. Here are some of the more confusing images.
David Fletcher, unsure of where to go, started running perpendicular to the basepaths:

The Rangers all began pointing at something:

Angels manager Mike Scioscia needed an explanation:

This Rangers fan in the gray shirt tried to explain the situation to his friend:

Finally, Jurickson Profar held up three fingers to signal to everyone that a triple play had indeed just happened:

Thank you, Jurickson.