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Evan Gattis accidentally walked into one of the most bizarre triple plays of all-time

Just like us in our daily lives, baseball players sometimes forget to do certain things on the field of play. Melvin Mora once forgot he still had a weighted donut on his bat. All-Star Robinson Cano once misremembered how many runners were on base. But the biggest thing ballplayers seem to forget is how many outs there are in an inning. Benny Agbayani knows what we're talking about.

During Thursday's Astros-Mariners game, Evan Gattis fell prey to this momentary lapse of memory on the basepaths. Only this time, it turned into a triple play. Here's Gattis grounding out to third base on a check swing and the Mariners turning two:

And then Seager sees Gattis wandering back to the dugout, and then, oh no.

You may giggle at Gattis' misfortune, but beware, he's a big strong man and you probably won't like him when he's angry.