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Mike Napoli hit a monster home run that clanged its way into the center-field camera well

With nearly 250 career home runs to his name, Mike Napoli is no stranger to the long ball. Among those hundreds of home runs, though, a select few are certain to stick out as special or unique.
In the fifth inning of the Rangers' 5-2 win over the Tigers Sunday night, Napoli hit one of those homers that he will likely remember.
With the game tied at 2, Napoli crushed a ball to straight-away center field and it landed in the Comerica Park camera well. Special shout-out to Tigers center fielder Ty Collins for scaling the wall in a futile attempt to catch the ball.

If Napoli were playing a game of mini golf, this home run would win him a free game on the bonus 19th hole.
Statcast backs up our intuitive knowledge -- and the sonic testimony of the camera well -- that he crushed the ball. All the graphic is missing is a drawing of the well.