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The Rangers celebrated Bartolo Colon's 45th birthday by smashing his face into a cake

Unless you were off the internet today (what else is there to do? what do you do?), you probably knew it was Bartolo Colon's 45th birthday. And although he's the most senior player in MLB, is the active wins leader (242) and has outlived an entire baseball stadium -- his Rangers teammates decided he is not above a birthday cake face smash. Check out the fun times below before Texas' game against the Royals:

Hopefully Bart got to eat some of it, too. According to's T.R. Sullivan, his teammates had been planning the surprise all along. A couple of them talked to Sullivan about whether they could last as long in the big leagues.
"I don't think I would be able to move," Elvis Andrus said. "My body wouldn't let me play at 45." 
"It's hard to think about," Mike Minor said. "I'm only 30. I couldn't imagine pitching 15 more years."