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Martin Perez wanted to protect Bartolo Colon by giving him a helmet, but we want to see him bat again

Bartolo Colon once hit a home run. Yep -- May 7th, 2016, is a day that will go down in baseball history. James Shields threw a fastball to the 2005 Cy Young Award winner and he smacked a two-run shot over the left-field fence. It was a beautiful thing. So beautiful in fact, that a small moment on Tuesday night made us want to see him with lumber in his hands one more time. 
During the Rangers-Rays game, Daniel Robertson was having some trouble holding on to his bat in the first inning -- he actually lost the grip twice and it flew toward the Rangers dugout on both occasions. Martin Pérez wanted to make sure Colon was protected and attempted to put a helmet on his head. We use the term "attempted" heavily here:

Colon wasn't having any part of it, but seeing him almost in a helmet got us excited. And it does look like he's been taking some lessons from teammate Adrián Beltré:

Good on you, Perez. We must protect Bartolo at all costs.