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The Rays' bullpen catcher played catch with the crowd and gave away a ball after a pop quiz

The bullpen catcher is naturally gifted at catching things. Expanding his office from the confines of the bullpen, and perhaps looking to show off his skills, the Rays' bullpen catcher Scott Cursi took some time to make a few fans for life before Wednesday's 3-2 loss to the Yankees

Playing a "home" game at Citi Field because of Hurricane Irma, Cursi tossed the ball around with any fan, regardless of affiliation: 

Even better, once done having a catch, Cursi gave away the ball. Only condition: You had to guess which "Star Wars" character was on his glove. Naturally, it was Chewbacca (because Chewbacca would obviously be a catcher on the Rebel Alliance baseball team.)