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After a ballboy error, the Rays' bullpen picked up some gloves and decided to do the job themselves

In the majority of Major League parks, bullpens warm up and catch the occasional dinger behind the safety of the outfield fence. A select few, though, rely on one of baseball's most sacred trusts: With the bullpen in foul territory, it's up to the ballboy/ballgirl/balldude to stand guard. 
Often, this works out great. But sometimes, like during Tuesday's Red Sox-Rays game, everybody needs to run for cover:

There's nothing like a foul ball whizzing by to make everyone take notice. And while the Rays bullpen has the utmost faith in their ballboys -- they've come through before, after all -- they decided that they could never be too careful ... so they took matters into their own hands:

In defense of Erasmo Ramírez, we learned last year that wearing multiple gloves is scientifically proven to enhance catching ability.