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Corey Dickerson somehow hit a double on a pitch that bounced in front of home plate

Corey Dickerson is off to an incredible start this season. Entering the Rays' 9-5 loss to the Rangers on Tuesday, he led the league in hits (70) and batting average (.345). He's also swinging at nearly everything that comes his way, walking only 12 times in 219 plate appearances, and his ability to hit baseballs out of the zone has been wholly documented -- likening him to legendary bad-ball hitter Vladimir Guerrero

That Vlad comparison is important because, well, in Tuesday's game, Dickerson more or less became him:



As you can see in the main clip above, Dickerson one-upped Guerrero with a double on the bouncing ball.


It's also not the first time the Rays outfielder has done something like this.

According to Statcast, at 0.10 feet off the ground, it's the lowest pitch hit for extra bases that's ever been measured. 

Later in the game, Dickerson singled on another pitch way down in the zone. Now he's just showing off.