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Super Dog Max visited the Rays on Wednesday and might be the team's new hitting coach

The Rays are hosting a Dog Day at Tropicana Field on Sunday, when fans can bring pet supplies to the game to donate to a local animal shelter. To spread word about the event, the Rays hosted one specific dog during Wednesday's game against the Indians: A poodle named Super Dog Max. 
Let me tell you a bit about Max, because "Super Dog" is not just some honorific title. Max is a certified therapy dog and has been on television multiple times. He can also do pretty much any human activity he pleases, as he proved at The Trop.
He can groundskeep:

He can hang out in the dugout like a ballplayer:

He can DRIVE:

And word has it that in the fourth inning, Logan Morrison recorded the Rays' first hit of the game after consulting with Max in the dugout.

So, Max is a pretty good hitting coach too. The dog really can do anything. 

Check out video of Max's visit with the Rays, which included meeting fans and hanging out during batting practice: