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To any doubters of the Red Sox, you do so at your own peril

It's kind of silly to apologize to a fan base whose team won the most regular-season games in 2018 and had home field advantage and has the American League MVP favorite, but here we are.
A week ago, Jordan and I sat down in front of a camera and confidently proclaimed that the defending champion Astros would wipe the floor with the Red Sox. 
"We think the Astros are an unstoppable death machine of incredible baseball talent," we said.

Oh boy, were we wrong.

To make up for our mistakes, we thought an apology was in order. So I sat down with Cut4's resident Red Sox fan Dakota Gardner and offered up a heartfelt apology to him, the Red Sox players and all of Red Sox Nation.
Watch the video at the top of the post to see this Red Sox disbeliever eat crow.