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The Red Sox took their World Series trophy to a Celtics game and everybody had a great time

The 2018 baseball season is over, and the Boston Red Sox are the new champions -- but you already knew that. 
Having advanced from "contending team" to "winners," this week brought with it the opportunity to bask in the glory of their fourth title in 15 years, as they did with a raucous parade and celebration in Boston on Wednesday. 
But the good times didn't end there. On Thursday, manager Alex Cora and members of the team showed up at Bucks-Celtics with their new hardware in tow. As you'd expect, the crowd ate it up:

Everybody get a good look, OK?

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The party rolls on. 🏀⚾️

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J.D. Martinez had a great time:

Reliever Ryan Brasier had choice seats for the game itself, too:

Good times.