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David Price hasn't yet made his 2017 debut, but his son Xavier has

Photo: @DAVIDprice24

Dealing with and rehabbing from injury can often be a long and frustrating process. So, as Red sox pitcher David Price awaits his 2017 debut, he likely could use a little bundle of joy.

That bundle of joy came in the form of the birth of his son, Xavier Price.

Price's former Blue Jays teammate Marcus Stroman was quick to offer his congratulations to Price and his wife Tiffany.

Though Xavier is his own person and will hopefully pursue his many talents and passions, it should be noted that he will be draft-eligible in approximately 18 years. The Red Sox will have the benefit of the earliest scouting reports.

That, however, is many moons away. For now, congratulations to David and Tiffany Price.