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Red Sox fans at Fenway Park finally admit it: They're going to miss A-Rod

Although his final game will be at home against the Rays on Friday, it seems fitting that Alex Rodriguez's last full series as a Yankee is at Fenway Park. Because, at the end of it all, it's painfully clear: Red Sox fans are going to miss A-Rod.

You could hear it in the Fenway crowd's chants of "WE WANT A-ROD!" during Boston's 5-3 win over the Yankees on Tuesday night. A-Rod remained on the bench for the game's entirety, and Red Sox fans let him know just how much he has meant to them in their own way. You can be sure they'll greet him with that same exact enthusiasm if he comes to the plate in the final two games of the series. 

Every fan base needs a foil, and for more than a decade, A-Rod was Boston's. As the Fenway crowd showed last night, saying goodbye is never easy.