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Say hello to Tessie, sister of Wally and newest Sox mascot

For too long, Wally the Green Monster's reign of slapstick and general tomfoolery has been allowed to go unchecked in the greater Boston area. It raised a question that all great civilizations have grappled with at one time or another: Who will prank the prankster? 

Thankfully, on Tuesday, the Red Sox provided an answer. Her name is Tessie, Wally's little sister, and she is a) pretty adorable and b) excellent at messing with her older brother:

Here's what we know about Tessie so far: She hails from inside the little Green Monster at JetBlue Park, Boston's Spring Training complex; she's named after the song of the same name, which the Royal Rooters used to help propel the 1903 Red Sox to their first World Series; and she really, really loves dancing:

If you just can't wait until baseball season to get your first glimpse of baseball's newest mascot, you can catch Tessie at Boston's Winter Weekend from Jan. 22-24.