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The Red Sox outfield changed up its victory dance to Jackie Bradley Jr. doing the Ski Jump

In addition to leading the AL East with a juggernaut of an offense, the Red Sox are also the proud owners of one of the flyest outfields in baseball. Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Brock Holt, Chris Young and the gang don't just hit and field: they bowl; they scale walls; and, most importantly, they dance after every Boston win.

But there was just one problem: After 79 wins (and counting), the routine had grown a little stale. You can only Hit Dem Folks so many times before it loses its impact. So, back in July, the group got together to brainstorm some ideas. It went ... interestingly:

Ideas were floated -- from the promising (Betts riding the pony) to the, uh, not so promising (Young doing the Running Man). But, after careful deliberation, a new move was chosen. And, after Boston's 13-3 win over the Blue Jays on Friday, the outfield tested it out. Behold, Jackie Bradley Jr. presents "The Ski Jump."

"We're mixing it up a little bit," Bradley told's Ian Browne after the game. "It was the debut of the Ski Jump." 

Hey, guys, maybe invite David Ortiz next time. He may not be an outfielder, but he has the coat for it.